Bauer S23 X5 Pro Goal Pad - SR

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Level Performance
Calf Plate Hybrid Calf Support System- single calf bracket for stable mobility
Flex CoreSoft Flex with New THIN geometry for full leg connection + CURV Stiff Thigh
Strapping Tune Fit Strap System (1060213) featuring new lower calf strap for leg connectivity (1061743)
Boot flexFREE-FLEX 110 Degree Boot (Soft for Flexible Feel)
ToeCentered Elastic Toe System (1060690)
Knee BlockSTABILIFLEX Knee Block to limit over-rotation with some flexibility
Knee WingComes with pads in box (Material 1060623 SUPREME PAD KNEE WING-PAIR)
MaterialCORTECH Calf Plate with Traditional Leather Front Cover

Developed for performance-level goalies, these pads come packed with features and tech to bring your game to its best. Designed to promote comfort and stability, while matching the anatomy of your leg to create a more natural feel, you can achieve your top performance level game after game.

Key Features:

STABILI-GRIP KNEE BLOCK – Adhesive layering on the knee block designed to prevent the knee from sliding off while entering and exiting the butterfly

THIN PROFILE INSERT – A new thinner insert in the curved Vapor profile promotes a more streamlined and anatomical fit on the leg

Hybrid Calf System – Command the paint effortlessly with a Single-Bracket Hybrid System providing increased stability in the butterfly while retaining Vapor’s signature flexibility